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Public consultation, projects and publications

Public consultation

Development Control Plan for KAVHA

Supporting Documents

A draft Development Control Plan (DCP) for KAVHA has been developed to help preserve KAVHA’s heritage and to enable the community’s ongoing use of the area.

AECOM Australia was engaged by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development to work closely with the community and Norfolk Island Regional Council to prepare a draft DCP.

Consultation was undertaken on Norfolk Island in April and June 2019, and local community input and feedback has informed the draft plan.

The draft DCP is now available for public consultation under the Planning Act 2002 (NI).  Written submissions can be made to the General Manager, Norfolk Island Regional Council, and feedback received during this period will help to inform the final DCP. All submissions must be received by Monday 25th November 2019 and signed by at least one person making the submission.  If a submission objects to the draft DCP, the grounds for objections must be specified in the submission.

If you would like to find out more about the DCP or how to make a submission, please contact Jodie Brown, Senior Strategic Planner, Norfolk Island Regional Council on +6723 23595 or at

Projects and activities

Cultural Landscape Management Plan

  • KAVHA Cultural Landscape Management Plan, September 2018 PDF: 14.3 MB
  • KAVHA Cultural Landscape Management Plan Consultation Outcomes Report PDF: 3.42 MB
  • KAVHA Cultural Landscape Management Plan fact sheet PDF: 304 KB

The KAVHA Cultural Landscape Management Plan (CLMP) was revised following feedback from the community and the plan has now been finalised.

The CLMP is a guiding document that will help preserve the site’s heritage values and its place in the everyday lives of the community. It includes a large number of recommendations covering a wide range of landscape issues including water, livestock, traffic and vegetation management.

The recommendations will inform the long-term management of KAVHA but are not directions and are not set in stone. There will be a staged approach to implementation and in many cases, opportunities for further community involvement as specific projects are progressed in consultation with the KAVHA Community Advisory Group.

A copy of the CLMP is available above and at the Research Centre at No.9 Quality Row. Along with the CLMP, a Consultation Outcomes Report that provides a response to specific feedback received on the CLMP and a short fact sheet are also available above.

If you would like to find out more about the CLMP, please contact Martin Purslow,  Commonwealth Heritage Manager, on 0011 6723 23115 or at

KAVHA Interpretation Plan

A draft Interpretation Plan has been developed to ensure that a broad range of stories are interpreted and presented at KAVHA to attract and engage our community and visitors to discover Norfolk Island’s unique cultural heritage. These stories will cover the many layers of KAVHA’s history, including Polynesian, convict and Pitcairn.

The public consultation undertaken in April 2019 will help inform the final Interpretation Plan

Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan

  • Draft Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan volume 1 PDF: 4.57 MB
  • Draft Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan volume 2 PDF: 133 MB
  • Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan fact sheet PDF: 227 KB

The Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan (AZMP) for Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) is designed to assist with appropriately managing the archaeology from all phases of KAVHA’s history. The AZMP aims to help those who work and live at KAVHA to plan and undertake projects, that may require ground disturbance, with greater confidence.

Volume 1 of the AZMP contains general policies, guidelines, a research framework, and precinct specific archaeological management policies for KAVHA. Volume 2 consists of precinct-based Geographic Information System (GIS) maps.  The AZMP is supported by a GIS-based spatial data set of KAVHA’s known and predicted archaeological resources.

A copy of the draft AZMP and a short fact sheet on the AZMP is available above.

Public consultation on the draft AZMP has closed.  The AZMP is currently being finalised, taking into account feedback received.

If you would like to find out more about the AZMP, please contact Martin Purslow, Commonwealth Heritage Manger, on 0011 6723 23115 or at


The three reports linked below assess risks associated with KAVHA and propose solutions to high priority issues. The KAVHA Safety Hazard Scoping Study is a comprehensive assessment of the risks to visitors and users of KAVHA as well as to the heritage structures. The KAVHA Safety Hazard Investigations report follows on from the scoping study, proposing engineering responses to mitigate several of the highest risks to people and structures. These design concepts were then independently reviewed, as documented in the third report.  The department is working to resolve the safety risks and to implement solutions which are based on the advice in the AECOM report and the other expert technical advice.

  • KAVHA Safety Hazard Scoping Study (2018) PDF: 13333 KB 
  • KAVHA Safety Hazard Investigations - 50% Concept Design Report (2018) PDF: 15562 KB 
  • Review of KAVHA Safety Hazard Investigation (2018) PDF: 1504 KB